His power is sufficient for all your needs


God’s power to work all things out for your good is a promise that will never fail for those who have put their trust in Christ and his finished work of the cross {Romans 8:28}  but watching and waiting for him to turn around a bad situation in your life can be a time of great pain.  It is hard to understand the wait when your marriage is failing or after you have received a bad report from the doctor.  How are you expected to hold on when your financial problems overwhelm you and you soon may lose your home?  Rebellious children can break your heart as you helplessly watch your son or daughter choose a path of destruction.  Even your own life can be changed in an instant by the death of someone close to you.  Is God really able to turn these and other impossible situations into a blessing in your life?


The truth of this matter is that God can use all things to work for our good because he foreknew the storms of our lives and had a plan to take us through every one of them.  No disaster in your path takes him by surprise.  Our God can see the past and the future and his power is sufficient to fulfill the purpose he has for your life.  By his strength alone, you can forge the rivers of your pain and climb the mountains of your problems until you get the victory that God has promised.  He knows your ways and he can help you in your weaknesses. Even the timing of every one of your trials has a purpose that holds eternal ramifications. 


In Genesis, we read how Joseph was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. He became a servant in Potiphar’s household where he ultimately was falsely accused and put in prison.  He languished there for years but God was with him the whole time. . While this young shepherd boy was suffering in prison, God was working out his perfect will to give Joseph a royal position.  He was eventually released from prison and appointed second highest in all of Egypt.  That was something that even Joseph could not have imagined as being possible in his dire circumstances.  But God had the power to turn the injustice done to Joseph into his training ground that would make him a mighty leader who would save his people.


This message is for believing women who are struggling right now in a painful situation that seems to have no end. God is willing and able to work out all of your problems in a mighty way that you may grow stronger and bolder in your faith.  The father of lies wants to defeat you by tempting you to believe that there is no solution for your problem.   The truth is that Christ died so that you would have victory in ALL things.  


Jesus is the master of the wind and with a single word he can calm the storm you are in.  He is sovereign over all of creation and he knows how to resurrect the dreams you thought were dead.  He can find purpose in everything that touches your life if you put your faith in him. He is never further than you next prayer.


Dear Lord, I lift up the women who are reading this article and who need a touch from you.  May your presence be felt in their life as you give them the peace to know that they have nothing to fear for you are in control of all that comes against them or their families. Most importantly, may they have your assurance to believe that no matter what they are going through, your perfect plan will never fail.  Amen