My dear friends in Christ,

I want to share with you an important message that I feel compelled to put on this site.  This world is in a crisis situation spiritually as the sacrifice of the cross is compromised to make room for the feel good religions.

We are in the closing days on this earth and Christ is getting ready to receive her bride. But there are people everywhere that do not understand the significance of the time and events that are unfolding. We need to get ourselves ready to meet our Savior. His kingdom is upon us and the message of truth must be reached to the ends of the earth. As time grows short, the darkness will increase in an attempt to take down the church. For that reason, there is an URGENCY TO RISE and take our stand. We were placed by God right here and now for such a time as this!

I implore you to take to heart the important message that the time to reach out to loved ones is NOW.  If you have unsaved family and friends, you need to pray as you bring them the message of salvation though a relationship with Jesus Christ. You must love them enough to risk offending them. Their eternity depends on it!

God is with you as you seek him with all your heart. Jesus paid the ultimate price to give all to you. Are you willing to give all to him?



2 Responses to “THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUTH”

  1. Just relized you already blogged here – awsome!

  2. Thanks Jeremy, I wanted to get it out there!

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