For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works 

                                                                                     (Ephesians 2:10)



God’s word tells us that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy.  He is on a path of evil seeking to bring pain and misery to everyone.  The devil knows his time is short so he is in a rage to do as much harm as he can until the fulfillment of God’s plan.   To help in his path of destruction, Satan entices anyone he can to join him in his vile work.  He isn’t seeking the help of the enemies of the cross for he already has them.  He wants to enlist believers in his battle against God.  And the sad part of this is…he is succeeding!   


When Lucifer and his angels were cast down from heaven, they began their work to try and destroy all of us as an affront to the glory of God.  To do this, the enemy of our soul masquerades as an angel of light in order to deceive the masses. He can make evil appear good as he injects a lie into the heart of truth making it the biggest deception of all.  He has a way to even use good deeds as a tool to deceive people into believing that works alone can save them. He is cunning and manipulative as he shows up in church every Sunday looking to tempt that person who feels offended by someone in the congregation.  As the accuser of the brethren, Satan will use some believers to gossip, betray and slander others they feel are not godly enough.   The enemy has perfected his plan to destroy families as Christian marriages fail at the same rate as secular ones.  All he has to do is add a little bit of discontent and disappointment and he can get a man or woman to leave their marriage to seek something better. After all, as the destroyer points out, doesn’t God want you to be happy? And the biggest weapon in Satan’s arsenal is the discouragement and doubt that he weaves in your mind as you battle the storms of life. 


The fact is that the enemy uses every vicious attack against you to get you to believe that your problems can overcome you. He wants you to speak out with lies of defeat as if they were truth.  If he can get you to take your eyes from the victory of the cross of Christ, he can sway you to believe that power of God can’t keep your from drowning in the river of your tears and pain.  His evil purpose is to have you forget that Jesus has a reward prepared for those who endure to the end.  His goal is to make you think that you are hopeless and alone and your cries just an echo in a valley of despair. 


My dear sisters, Christ did not leave us alone to fight the battles of this world.  Our Savior planned a way for us through every single one of them.  His purpose is to use the trials you face as the weapons for your victory.  He knows how to rectify your financial problems in his timing and his way if you trust him.  He can heal your disease and mend your broken heart as your faith leads you to the reality that God can do what he promises.  You must never be so quick to believe the lies of the enemy instead of the truth of our God!  By his blood, Jesus paid too dearly a price to secure your peace and victory despite your circumstances. You are that valuable to him.  Never forget that he died to give you a life that is full and beyond measure.   


Dear Lord, I pray that this message of truth will light the way for women who are troubled and in pain because of circumstances that they can’t control.  Please help them to know that you are with them right now and that your power is greater than their problems.  I pray that you make yourself real to them.  Help them to know that your grace is sufficient for all that they need and that your love will never fail.  Amen