Jesus will never fail those who love him


So many times as we falter in our faith as we go through painful trials.  Struggles and difficulties can overwhelm us and it is easy to think that we are all alone and that God is not going to help us.  That way of thinking is a lie perpetrated by the father of lies! Jesus died to give us victory despite our problems and joy in the midst of them.  How can that be? Is it possible to trust completely even when your situation seems hopeless?  If your faith is in Christ Jesus, nothing is impossible.


The Apostle Peter had a time when his faith was gravely tested, yet he stood trusting.  In the book of Acts, Chapter 12:1-10, we read how Herod imprisoned Peter after having James, the brother of John, put to death.  He saw that this pleased the Jews so he seized Peter also.  After arresting him and putting him in prison, Herod handed Peter over to be guarded by four squads of four soldiers each.  He intended to bring him to trial after the Passover.



5While Peter was being kept in jail, the church never stopped praying to God for him.


6The night before Peter was to be put on trial, he was asleep and bound by two chains. A soldier was guarding him on each side, and two other soldiers were guarding the entrance to the jail. 7Suddenly an angel from the Lord appeared, and light flashed around in the cell. The angel poked Peter in the side and woke him up. Then he said, “Quick! Get up!”    The chains fell off his hands, 8and the angel said, “Get dressed and put on your sandals.” Peter did what he was told. Then the angel said, “Now put on your coat and follow me.” 9Peter left with the angel, but he thought everything was only a dream. 10They went past the two groups of soldiers, and when they came to the iron gate to the city, it opened by itself. They went out and were going along the street, when all at once the angel disappeared.   



One of the most remarkable messages in this verse is that Peter, who was probably going to be executed the next day, amazingly was sleeping soundly chained between two guards, with two other guards watching over him!  He was able to rest despite this death sentence because  of his  unrelenting faith in the power of Christ.  The peace of God which surpasses our understanding filled Peter that night and he had a trust that Jesus was able to work things out no matter how bad the situation.


Peter was guarded on all sides by squads of soldiers and was bound in chains.  Yet God was still able to dispatch an angel to go to Peter, loose his chains and release him from that dungeon without the guards knowing!  The truth is that God is never limited by our troubles or circumstances.  Nothing is impossible for him.  He heard the prayers of the Church for Peter and he answered them!  He was able to rescue Peter and he is able to rescue you from any storm.  You always have hope when your faith is in Christ because he has a perfect plan for your life that cannot and will not be stopped.  He has given us power to speak to the mountain and it shall be moved.  The power that raised Christ from the dead resides in the heart of every believer so that nothing can destroy us.  Our time is in his hands.  He knows the hardship and the struggles we must endure.  The biggest thing to remember as you go through your trial is that Jesus has a way to not only take us through our pain but to help us to rise above and to be stronger for having gone through it.  That is peace beyond description.  That is a Hope that is living and alive.  That is a promise from Christ that we can believe in.  That is all the strength that we need to overcome every obstacle in our lives.


Dear Lord,  I pray that you make yourself real to all those who read this message.  Help them to know that there is no problem, no chains, no bondage and nothing in all of creation that will stop your love for them. You have a plan to work all things out for their good.  May you give them the peace that only comes from knowing you in a very personal way.  I pray that you will comfort them in their sorrow, heal their pain and give them a new future with promise that will never end.   Amen


Never give up because Jesus will never give up on you!  You are loved.