I was very saddened today as I read in the obituary of our newspaper about the death of a man named Allan with whom I was acquainted.  I was introduced to him years ago shortly after his 20-year-old son committed suicide.  I didn’t know him well but I decided to go and talk to him and see if I could help during this painful time.  I made dinner for him and his then 17-year-old son and brought it over.  I just felt led to go there.

When I entered his apartment, I was shocked at the  complete clutter and mess that left no room on the table to eat.  This man was a very articulate, intelligent man and it was hard for me to believe that he lived in such disarray.  His mind just was not functioning clearly.   But I was there to encourage him so I did not let my feelings show. 

After talking to him for a while, I had compassion for him because he was so incredibly lost to salvation.  He spoke of intellectual things but did not want to dwell on the subject of Jesus Christ.  There was nothing I could do for him and his son but pray, and that is what I did.

I continued to drop dinner off to him over the next several weeks but I could not get through to him about his need for a Savior.  I tried.  About a year later, Allan and his son came down to our business to borrow some money.  I got a chance again to talk to them about Jesus.  They listened politely but they did not want to talk about what would happen to them after they died.  I asked the young man to tell me why he had no interest in hearing about salvation through Jesus Christ.  He said that he may change his mind later, but  he felt that he was young and did not have to make that decision now. 

I sadly watched them both leave our shop with the money they needed without even a backward glance.  They were blinded by the lie of the enemy of this world who wanted to destroy them.  They lived for the here and now and never gave a thought to the only thing that mattered – where they would spend eternity. They were like so many other people who live like they will never die.

Over time, I would read about Allan’s son being in and out of jail for different crimes.  I tried to go visit them again but when I got to their apartment, I found out they had moved and left no forwarding address.

So when I read Allan’s obituary today, my heart just dropped. He certainly was not old.   I can only hope that somehow God got his attention and he repented before he died. I can also continue to pray for his son who is still lost and blinded to the truth.

I believe this message is important because Jesus said that wide is the road that leads to destruction and many are on it.  How many of those people think they will have time to learn about the truth of salvation at another time?   Too many!

I am reminded of  a story that I heard many years ago and the message of  it has never left me.  It begins with three demons who come together to decide how to get more people into hell.

The first demon said, ” I will tell them that there is no hell.  Then they will continue in their evil and not worry about the consequence for their sin.  That will surely work!”

The second demon said, ” I will tell them that there is no heaven.  Then there will be no reason for them to lead a good life.  That will work even better!”

The third demon listened to them and  then said, “ We aren’t going to tell them that there is no hell or that there is no heaven.  To get more people into hell, we will simply convince them that there is NO HURRY!”

Sadly, this is one of the enemy’s greatest tools.  People plan all the time for tomorrow, next week and next year as if it were a certainty.  Yet God alone knows the number of our days.  Tomorrow is not known and it is not a promise for anyone.   Most people won’t have a deathbed experience.  There is no time to wait.  The day of salvation is now.  One day we will either be in eternity with God in heaven or in the torment of hell!  What could be more important in your life then to know the Savior who died so that you might have life everlasting? 

This world is perishing as the days grow short and darkness fills the earth.  Jesus is the only name by which we can be saved.  He alone paid the price for our sins.   He has prepared a place for us in heaven that will never end.  Those who trust in the work of Christ at the cross have passed from death into life.  Seek him now while there still is time!  You may never have another chance.