Hello all.
Sebastian Ombima, founder and pastor of WOREM in Kenya, Africa, is asking for prayer for  9 of their kids that are at the orphanage that have Cholera and are in the hospital.  They are also in urgent need of prayer for their food supply for the orphans as well.   What can we do to help them out?  On top of that, I know that they need more bibles for their pastors.  How many bibles do we own?  Also pray that the Lord supplies the resources for Sebastians trip to the US early next year.  Would you have him come to your church?  Would you at least, in all seriousness, petition the Lord for them and be open to what the Lord would have you to do?  Below is a small video clip I put together.   Sebastian is looking to go to different churches in the US, would you be one of them?  Feel free to contact me or Sebastian directly at: rev_ombima@yahoo.co.uk
WOREM website: http://www.freewebs.com/worem/ or click the site to the right of this blog page.
God bless and thank you for your prayers and Lord willing your support!
PS.  Know that with the purchase of every book, Christian – A Dangerous Title to Claim, you will help WOREM!  What a great time for Christmas and for helping the indigenous missionaries and persecuted Christians around the world.