It doesn’t depend on man’s desire or effort but on God’s mercy

Troubles can plague every single one of us.  Right now,  your situation may be pretty bleak andit may seem like there is no hope in sight.  It may even appear that your world is crumbling right before your eyes.  So what do we do and what does God’s word tell us about our problems?  Paul tells us this truth in the book of Romans: 

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  (Romans 8:28) 

In all these things, we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. (Romans 8:37) 

No problem that you face is able to destroy a child of God who has faith in the work that Jesus did for us on the cross.  God knows how to change your situation and make the outcome one of hope.  He knows how to restore families, heal sicknesses and provide for all of your needs in life.  He is more than able for  the price has been paid at Calvary for your victory. There is nothing sadder than to see a believer downcast and acting defeated by the burdens he has.  Each trial and struggle has a purpose in your life to bring you to the knowledge of the love and power of the God you serve.  Never surrender in your difficulties and think that your situation is too impossible for anyone to help.  God is the Master and the Lord over all things on this earth and in heaven.  He calls the stars out one by one each night and he does not lose one.  He has the days of your life numbered and nothing can change that.  He has given you purpose and design so that you can live in victory despite what others may think or how bad your problems are.  

Your past has nothing to do with your future when you have surrendered yourself to Christ.  He already knows where you are and he knows how to get you where he wants you to be.  He is the lifter of your head and he is the one who carries your burdens.  His love never fails an you cannot fall too far for him to help you.  In all things he is sovereign and his power knows no end. The winds of every struggle must obey his will in your life!

So what do you fear in your life? What anxious thoughts do you dwell on?  Whatever they are, give them over to Christ.  There is nothing that you can do to help yourself for your strength is limited.  Give your struggles, your problems, your fears and your desires to the One who can make all things happen for the good in your life.  Trust in the power that Jesus died to give you. Decide this day that you will choose to follow Jesus.  Then watch and see how he gives you back what the enemy stole from you –  your future!  

God bless you and never doubt that you are loved and that God’s grace can meet you where you are.  Just surrender your will to his.  There are no losers with Christ!