God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever (Psalm 73)

As you look around those in your life,  it is hard to find someone who is not enduring a trial of some kind.  These days are troubling and it doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.  For that reason, so many believers are falling into the trap of thinking that evil is winning over good. They are overwhelmed and weary as each day just brings another set of problems.

The truth is that the plan of Christ for this world is unfolding before our very eyes. Your problems should not surprise you for we are told in God’s word that we will suffer in this world.  Our hope as believers is in knowing that God is working all things out for our good and to strengthen us for the battle.  If you can just understand that nothing that comes against you has any power to destroy you or weaken you, you can have peace even in the midst of your most troubling trial.  That which Christ allows to come against you in your life is manifesting a power in you that is getting you ready for the royalty that awaits you in God’s kingdom!  That may seem like something far off in another decade; but, as the days grow dark and evil increases, the Son of God is getting ready to return soon for those who are faithful to him.

When you let the storms in life make you feel overwhelmed it is only because you are listening to the lies of the enemy.  You are holding onto burdens that are too heavy for you carry alone.  The deceiver wants you to believe that God is nowhere near to help in your battle. That will never be true! 

Jesus is very close to the brokenhearted and he saw your struggles long before the foundation of the earth. It was he who prepared a way to victory in every one of them.  Why do you worry about things when God has in place a plan and provision to bring you safely through?  We cannot control what goes on around us, but we can trust that our God is stronger and able to get us through all things. 

All this may sound over-simplified to those who are in a serious illness and fear the outcome.  Many people are suffering through failed marriages and financial ruin.  The darkness of uncertainty can bring desperation in the life of a single parent wondering how she will support her children.  We are living in the terrible times of the last days where truth is being thrown to the ground and lies are being welcomed by the masses who demand their rights to do as they please without interference from God! When it all this going to end?  Or is it?

It shall end! God has a plan and he is not going to fail to complete the work he started. To those willing to stand in faith, though weary and overwhelmed, and still declare that our God is greater, he is going to bestow the crown of eternal life very soon.  We are not going to be in this struggle forever.  God knows the path that must take place but it is only for a time.  Your painful trial is working out something of value to your life.  You may not like it but you must trust that God is still in control of taking you through it.  You must have hope that does not give up at each arrow shot by the demons of hell!  We are winners and victors because our trust is in the finished work of Jesus Christ! There are no losers on the side of the kingdom of God. 

I don’t know what storm you are in at this moment.  I only know that as a believer you cannot be destroyed.  If your spiritual eyes were opened, you would see the legions of angels that surround you in every single battle! You are never left alone to fight the wars against the army of darkness.  You have the force of heaven with you right now so you must never accept defeat no matter how impossible your struggle seems.  You were made a conqueror when Jesus paid the price for your redemption.  All of your problems are under your feet as you live in the body of  Christ!  Surrender your life only to him for no one else can take it from you.  Let God restore you to wholeness despite your brokenness. 

 Beloved friend, you are going to see your God work all things out for your good  as he  safely lifts you high on the rock. Your troubles have a time to end.  Trust God to work it all out in his way and in his timing.  His love will never leave you for a second so take joy knowing that Christ has overcome the world!


Dear Lord, I am praying for all who come to this site needing a word of strength from you.  I pray that they will understand that you have not deserted them or left them to fend with their struggles alone.  You are always in the midst of every storm that we face and you are the force that brings us safely through it.  I pray that all those who are weary and overwhelmed with life will understand the truth of the message that you gave me to write.  May they have the peace and joy knowing that the problems of this world cannot defeat those who belong to you. Victory is ours.   The lies from a defeated enemy have no power to destroy those who trust in you.  I pray that those in need will be comforted by your presence today. For it is by the name of Jesus that all power is manifested in our lives.  Amen