By Hannah Jacks


Six Measures Of Barley

Like most of you, my husband always looks forward for the weekends. And particularly for the one when he could relax at home with no “to-do list” like shopping and other errands. One such Saturday we got up with a cheerful mind and somehow our hearts got driven to despair as we discussed on some of the difficult situations that we were facing. I thought in my mind that the Saturday would go uninteresting and somber. A voice kept lingering in me saying that “Its your choice to make this day happy or dull, make the choice to be happy.”. But it was quite difficult to get over the disturbing thoughts.

Then we got to hear a sermon which totally changed our state of mind. It said about casting all our burdens upon the Lord. We cast our cares upon Him but do we quit worrying? Why don’t we just give it…

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