Powerful message that resonated in my heart:

Standing For God

Charles Spurgeonby Charles Spurgeon

“The True Position Of The Witness Within,” delivered August 11, 1878

When the winds are out, and the storms are loosed, and temptation howls through the soul, we always fly to the Word of God and not to our own experience: we get away from what we feel to what the Lord has said. One ounce, of “it is written,” gives more confidence than a ton of what we have felt. We are apt in troublous times to judge that our happy feeling was a delusion, and our confidence a mistake. “True, I did think that I stood and looked within the pearly gates, and was full of heavenly joy; but, alas, it may have been all a dream.”

This is, however, no dream – that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners – there is no mistake about that fact, That God has set…

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