God is always with you

                                                  God is always with you!

You can never run too far that God can’t find you.  You can never fall so deep that he can’t rescue you.  And there is nothing that you need that God’s love won’t give you.  For that reason, we approach the throne of God trusting that he is able to provide for us and keep us in his peace.  There are times when the world seems so dark and the storms of life make it too hard to survive.  It is then that you must come to the throne of grace and lift your requests up to the Creator of all things who will help you get through your pain.  He knows what you need and he knows how to provide for you.  Even when you can’t trust him completely, he will help you with your unbelief if you will give it to him. 

If you are struggling and just feel too overwhelmed, I encourage you to leave a request here and I will pray with you for God to intercede and get you through the difficulty that you are experiencing.  My friends, keep your faith.  These struggles are merely the wind that will take you to the destination that God had planned for you long before this world was created.  Never give up or give in to the lies of the destroyer.  There is always hope when your trust is in Jesus Christ.

Please leave your prayer request here.  If you would like to email me privately, send your request to:  commish07@zoominternet.net  

You are loved and God never has you out of his mind.  Trust him now with your pain.


15 Responses to “Prayer Requests/ God hears!”

  1. Dear Lord, I pray that you will give hope to all those who are seeking your help in their lives. I pray that you will comfort them and give them the strength they need to stand in the battle and let you fight for them. Help them to know that you are not going to fail them. May they have your peace in their struggle knowing that you have the power to use all things for their good. May you give them rest on all sides. In the name of Jesus I lift this prayer to the throne of grace. Amen

  2. Katarina Says:

    Please, support me in prayers for an urgent, difficult intention:

    For complete reconciliation with my loved one NEBOJSA


    God gives promises, and I know He is FAITHFUL!

    I am sure when your prayers join mine will surely receive a miracle. I am praying with Faith and please help me in this.

    Thank you very much. God bless you. I pray for you. Praise the Lord for He hear prayers and answer on it.


  3. Hi Katarina, I am so glad that you stopped by here. I can see that you are in great pain and need prayers for God to help you.
    Remember that God has a plan for your life and he knows what is good. If it is good for Nebojsa to be in your life, I lift this request to the God of all whose power knows no end. To be joined in marriage with someone is a very big decision to make. You do not have to make anyone love you for God has given you a beauty that will be appreciated by someone who is right for you. Since it is God who knows the future and what is right, let us go together in prayer before him.

    Dear Lord, you know the desires of Katarina and of her love for Nebojsa. You alone know, dear Jesus, if this is the right course for her. If this relationship is ordained by you in your will, I pray for it to come together in a beautiful and loving way. I pray for them to love and respect each other and line up their wills to yours. I pray that you will give Katarina the wisdom to know what is right and best. Help her to keep her eyes on you as you unfold your plan in her life. I pray for favor upon Katarina and I pray the you will help her to know that you will be with her and guide her in the path that she should follow. Help her to trust you completely. I pray that you give her a peace about her situation and that you will cause what is good and right to be revealed in her life. Bring godly people into her path to help guide her. Give her your strength to stand in her faith and not give in. May she be given abundant blessings in the name of Jesus our Savior. Amen

  4. Dear Lord, I lift up those who are struggling this very moment and feel that they nave nowhere to turn. Help them to know that your love is always with them. Those who have chosen Christ as their Savior need to understand that he has a way out and above every problem and every storm.
    I pray for your peace and strength to fill them right now. May the name of Jesus be high and lifted up and may his glory shine throughout this earth. Amen

  5. Dear Jesus, please remember those who are suffering and in pain today. I pray for the persecuted Church and for those who are bringing the Good News to those who are lost. I pray for your peace and comfort to surround those who feel like they have no hope. I pray for healing and blessings on those who look to you for help.I pray that bodies may be made whole. May you bless and restore homes and families. May you break the bondages that enslave so many people by alcohol, drugs, sex, pornograph, gambling and other evil chains. I pray against the spirit of abortion. I pray against the spirit of suicide. I pray that finances will be restored to those who have lost everything. I pray for your name to stay in our hearts. I pray for this country to turn back from the ways of evil and to turn our eyes to you, dear Jesus, that you may heal us and bless us with your power.
    And now, I lift up a plea that your Spirit of truth will fill us with the wisdom and knowledge to face the battles in this world.

    In the name above all names, the name of Jesus Christ, I present my requests to the throne of God. Amen

  6. Dear Lord, in this time of celebration of your birth, I lift up those who may be struggling and in despair. I pray for finances, health issues and relationships to be mended and healed. I pray for your grace to get them through this day knowing that you will not fail them. I pray that you will find favor upon those who need a touch from you right now and that you will bring your joy into their lives.

    Lord, let those who cry out to you in pain understand that you are with them and that you will not leave them alone. Please put godly people in their path to help lift this burden that is too heavy for them and that is making them weary.

    Praise the name of a holy and loving God who sent his ONLY Son to save this world and give us life. Amen

  7. Dear Jesus, the burdens of this world can be too hard for people to carry. I pray that someone who needs your strength will experience a very real sense of your Presence today. I pray for your power to be manifested in our weakness. To those who are suffering with financial difficulties, may you provide for them all that they need and let them rest knowing that you will not fail them. For those in marriage and relatioship problems, may you restore love and heal the pain that is trying to break up their home. Heal and mend their relationship and bring peace to them and their families. I pray for those who are in bondage to drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, sex, or any destructive pattern that takes them from the path of victory. Help them to know, dear Lord, that you always have a way out of every sin and that you can give them the power that they need to overcome and conquer that which seeks to bring them down.

    I pray that you will help those throughout this world who feel as though their situation is hopeless. May you lift their eyes to you, Jesus, and let them know you in a personal way. Give them hope and the promise of a future despite the lies that the enemy is telling them. Help them to trust in you and your love. May you meet them where they are and lift them to the path that you had planned for their lives long before the earth was formed. In all these things, may they know you, dear Jesus, and the unfailing, unstoppable love that you have for them. Amen

  8. Dear Lord, in these trying times, the enemy prowls around trying to take down those who trust in you. I pray for you to strengthen them and bring them your peace. I pray that they will understand that you are working all things out for their good. May you comfort them and give them a very real sense of your presence. Help them to know that your love is all that is needed to have victory in the battles of this world.

    I pray that if anyone is feeling alone and without hope that you will fill them with your strength knowing that you are over all things and nothing can stop the perfect plan that you have for their lives. I pray that you will help them to know that no one is ever alone who has put his trust in Christ. Please let them know that you will not fail to bring them to victory if they can just wait on you. Amen

  9. Dear Jesus, I pray for peace during this holy time of celebrating your birth on this earth. Please help those who are lonely or who are struggling in their lives. I pray that you will help those in need of financial assistance. May you heal sickness and restore the love in marriages. I pray for you to help those who are feeling overwhelmed and completely weary. Lift their burden and bring them to your rest. I pray that for that person whose heart is now breaking that you will mend their heart and let them know that you have purpose and a plan for them. Please draw near to those who are too weak to come to you. I pray this all in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

  10. Dear Lord, it is a new year but the darkness of evil is still with us. Help all of us to know that your power to overcome is all that we need. Whatever struggle or pain we are in will be healed by your strength. I pray that all who visit here will understand that trials are never meant to take us down but to take us higher on the path to you. We cannot lose no matter what struggle we are enduring. I pray for all those who are facing serious marriage probles; for those who have health issues; for those who have financial problems that are overwhelming their life; for those who are lonely; for those who have addiction problems and sin issues; for those who are in bondage to evil; to those who are hopeless and considering suicide; and for those who have nowhere to turn and need your help now. I pray that you will give them hope and strength and the power to continue on in the path that you set for them. I pray that they will know that your love will never fail them. I pray for your peace to fill them. And my sweet Lord, I pray that they will know without a doubt that you are with them in this battle and that you will take them safely through.

    Bring those that need to hear this message to this site. I will continue to pray for all who come seeking you. May you open the eyes of the lost to salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. Please comfort the afflicted and those who are hurting now. I pray all this through the mercy of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Amen

  11. Garry Says:

    hello, i wld like you to pray for a life partner for me,i had a relationship which ended badly,i was hurt and i thought i forgotten since i ve found somebody who loves me and desires to marry me,but recently i find myself thinking of my ex and having feelings for him, i’m soo scared cos i don’t want to make a mistake. i need God to direct me!

  12. Hi Garry, the bible tells us that when we line our ways up with God’s ways, he makes our plans succeed. Try seeking God out in his word and let him speak to your heart. God will give you what is good, not necessariy what you want. The truth is that you don’t see your whole future but God does. He alone knows what is good for you and right. Trust him, Garry. Jesus said to seek first his kingdom and he would add all that is good to your life. Don’t let your desires stray from the will of God. You will never have victory in your life any way other than the way of Christ.

    I will be praying for you. God’s love for you will never fail!

  13. Garry Says:

    thanks so much i really appreciate, will definatrly keep you posted!

  14. Hello, I would ask that you pray for the salvation of our son Aaron. He is one of the most articulate, intelligent young men I have ever met. He once made a profession of faith and has since apostatized. May God be merciful to him.

  15. I will keep Aaron in prayer for salvation. I pray that God will put his people around Aaron to lead and help guide him. I pray that he will have ears to hear and a heart that is open to accept the truth. May the prayers of his family and all those who stand with Aaron be answered by Christ so that in his mercy he may reveal himself to Aaron.

    Perhaps that first profession of faith was given because of a seed that was sown into his life. I am praying that God will raise up that seed and renew Aarons commitment to Christ. We know that salvation comes from God. Jesus said no one comes to me except through the Father. I am trusting that God will indeed lift this young man up and bring him to the throne of grace. May Aaron never be the same after encountering the risen Christ who is drawing him near.

    I will keep Aaron in prayer. God bless you, my friend. I am glad you stopped by.

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