I read this powerful message on A Call To The Remnant and it encouraged and lifted me up during my times of struggles. I pray that it will do the same for you.

Drawing from the wells of Salvation       by appolus

Isa 12:3 Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

oasisHave you ever noticed that the yielded saints who have been through the most trials and troubles in their lives are the deepest of saints? They have been tried in the deserts of afflictions and yet they not only survive but they thrive. In the hottest desert and the most arid places nothing should live. Yet here are these saints, not armed with clichés or words that are not backed by reality, but armed with a power that has no limit. What makes the world weaker makes them stronger. In their own weakness they have found a great strength. The have discovered that if it were just them, they would have dried up and blown away, but in Christ and because of Christ they draw water from the very depths of the Father’s heart.

A life, fully committed to Christ has access to the deepest wells. Therefore since Christ suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same mind(1 Pet 4:1) With this power principalities and powers are rendered impotent. The harder they try, the more they come against you, the deeper they drive you into the Father’s heart. To yield is to draw from the well. To surrender and embrace your circumstances in Christ is to drink your fill from the everlasting wells of salvation. For in this yielding and surrendering we are acknowledging that God Himself has ordered your steps. And as you are refreshed by the living waters that flow into your circumstances, great joy comes with the knowledge that He is faithful to you and that He is with you. This joy stands as a witness and a testimony to the one who saved you. Your joy is a reflection of your faith. Now it is a learning process to the flesh. Some saints draw from the well sooner than others, but be assured saint, the well is there and you have been called to draw from it.

When you draw from these wells brothers and sisters, the waters not only refresh you but are poured forth through the brokenness of your circumstances to others that face similar circumstances. Paul encouraged the saints in his chains to be bold for Christ. We who face dire circumstances are called by faith to joy and this faith and joy God will use to refresh the souls of the weary. With the comfort that we have been comforted with we have been called to comfort others. It can become a perpetual cycle of beauty and holiness. To draw waters from the wells of salvation by faith is to have the eyes of your spirit opened to the glory and the majesty of God. God is glorified in our sufferings because the joy that comes is so out-of-place. A flower in the desert? Color in an otherwise colorless landscape? Yes indeed. He brings life out of death. He brings joy from sadness, He creates rivers in the desert, He brings peace from chaos.

So if you are facing difficult circumstances I want you to know that God is right there. A well, an oasis deep in the desert. You will find victory in the yielding. Surrender to God that circumstance that has hounded you. That sickness that has threatened to overwhelm your body. That anxiety that has robbed you of your sleep and denied you of your heritage, a peace that surpasses all understanding. Surrender to God in all of it and lower down your vessel into the deep depths of the everlasting well that sustains you. Dear Lord, bless all saints today who have a spirit of heaviness. Give them eyes to see what the Spirit sees in their lives. Let them put on a garment of praise and be filled with joy and may you be glorified in all of it.


Depressed-PersonHave mercy on me, O LORD, for I am weak; O LORD, heal me, for my bones are troubled. My soul also is greatly troubled; But You, O LORD—how long?……… Let all my enemies be ashamed and greatly troubled; Let them turn back and be ashamed suddenly.

Psalms 6:2,3,10

For today’s devotion let us look at Psalm 6. David was greatly troubled by his enemies and the trial that he was going through was so severe that he felt himself weak in sorrow. His emotional pain was so strong that he felt his bones faint away and his soul in deep anguish. But one small verse in that Psalm spoke to me and guided me to a thought that I would like to share with you.

Though we see the Psalmist greatly troubled, we see him comforted and strengthened in the Lord by faith, in the last three verses. David was confident that his Lord will act on his behalf in His perfect time and will see his enemies ashamed suddenly. That word ‘suddenly’ struck me real hard. While suffering, this man had no idea when it is going to end..He asked, “How long should I suffer like this Lord?”..Those nights he had cried were long and weary…his bed was soaked in tears…day and night he stayed in the same circumstance of life without seeing a deliverance from God. In that state of endless pain, he saw a God who acts for Him suddenly…He waited for that day in which God will act suddenly against his enemies…David saw that day in faith in which his current situation is going to change suddenly.

Today, are you in that emotional state of David…waiting for an answer from God? Are you deeply troubled by the circumstance that you are in? Do you cry unto God day and night without receiving an answer from Him? Do you ask that question, “How long Lord?” I can understand what you go through because I have been there many times in life…But from my own experience, I can tell you that there is a God who acts suddenly for you…He is the same God who acted suddenly for David and many others in the Bible. Through today’s devotion, Holy Spirit wants to encourage you and me to wait on this God who acts suddenly.

Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son Isaac on MT. Moriah. Abraham might have thought that God will act for him on that very day he decided to obey Him..but He didn’t. On that day morning, while Abraham collected all the wood and held his son’s hand and walked to the sacrifice, in his great distress, he longed to hear God speak to him and save him from this deep anguish…But he never heard anything. Each step in faith, he climbed the mountain…but no answer…his heart weighed him down when his only son asked him about the lamb to offer…He expected God to intervene at that moment at least and relieve him from the pain…Abraham piled up all the wood for the altar, tied his son’s hands…that look on his son’s eyes…Oh..Lord, How long? No answer..But when he raised his hand to kill his promised son…Suddenly he heard a voice…”Do not touch your son”. Abraham has lots to say about this God who acts suddenly on behalf of faith.

Moses was wandering in the desert for forty years without getting a clear picture of his purpose. He thought all his education, his knowledge, his position in the palace as the pharaoh’s daughter’s son….everything was of no use…now his destiny was this mountain and a flock of sheep…Long forty years…same mountains and valleys…same routes…same flock…But suddenly one day, God spoke to him through the burning bush and called him for His purpose…Moses could tell us about this God who acts suddenly so that God’s purpose can be fulfilled.

Elisha was praying for rain and sent his servant seven times to go look beyond the mountains….Every time, he came back with a negative report…But suddenly, the seventh time, his servant saw a tiny cloud in the shape of a hand…that resulted in a heavy rain..Elisha could tell us lots about this God who acts suddenly on behalf of our persistence and hope.

Paul and Silas was in the prison. Why didn’t God act on behalf of them at the time they were taken captives? Why prison experience? In that prison, while singing and praising God, they heard the heavens open suddenly and break them loose. They could tell us about this God who acts suddenly on behalf of worship in the midst of troubles.

I do not want to make this any longer by quoting my own experience to introduce this God who acts suddenly for you. I could just say from my own experience that this God knows our threshold…he will not go beyond what we can go through…He will act suddenly…on our finances..our family life…on the salvation of that person whom you are praying for..on that job that you have been waiting for…on that spiritual breakthrough that you eagerly expect for…Your long days of anguish is going to end..That day is coming when you see this God who acts on behalf of you…SUDDENLY.

In Him,

Rani John

Redeemed Ministries


                       Making time for what is important!

Where does all of our time go?  There just  seems to be  so much going on in the lives of today’s women that  finding time to meet with God in quiet prayer can sometimes be put on the back burner.  With work, families and the usual daily struggles, it is easy to reason to ourselves that God knows our heart and understands that we just don’t have enough hours in the day to get things done.  That sounds good, but sadly this manner of thinking comes with a cost.

All through the gospels, we are told of how Jesus would go off  to a place of solitude to pray.  In Mark 1:35, we read that Jesus got up very early in the morning while it was still dark to pray.  Jesus didn’t stand around waiting for the devil to come and tempt him.  He received the  strength he would need from first meeting in prayer with his Father in heaven.  Jesus told his disciples that he could do nothing by himself but only what he saw the Father doing.  He  came as the Savior of this world and yet he began each day in quiet repose before God.  This is the example he left for us. There should be nothing more important in our own lives than to do the same. 

One of Satan’s powerful weapons is to tempt us as women to stay busy.  By distracting our minds with the endless tasks that have to get done, the enemy can persuade us to take our eyes off God and his strength. Now there is nothing wrong with working, raising a family and meeting the challenges of each day. That is to be expected.  You run into trouble when you make what you do a greater priority than your fellowship with God.  Neglecting your time in prayer leaves you vulnerable to attack.  As the enemy seeks to rob you of your joy, you will begin seeing your problems as being bigger than your God .  The peace that you once had in your walk with God will become ensnared with the struggles that each day brings. 

In Mark 6: 30-31, the apostles gathered around Jesus to report all they had done on the journey they were sent on.  But they were surrounded by so many people coming and going that they didn’t get a chance to eat.  Jesus told them something that I believe is  important for us today.  He said, ” Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest”.  

That is a powerful message.   Meeting with Jesus in a quiet place is where you will are filled with his peace to get through the day.   You bring glory to God as you seek his counsel and direction for all that you face.   The Creator of this earth desires to have fellowship with you.  He wants to give you all that is good and to lead you in the paths that he has set for you before you were born.  But you must be willing to listen for his still, quiet voice as you spend time in his presence.  He is willing to take you through all of your struggles.  Even a loveless, broken marriage can be mended and restored by the right hand of God who hears the prayers of a woman who believes.  The greatest gift you can give your children is to teach them this truth.  You can touch eternity with the life of one child that was taught early to seek the will of God in all things.

What the enemy does not want you to know is that you will get more done in your day if you begin it on your knees before God.  Who had a bigger agenda of things to be done than Jesus?  And yet not one of them was begun until AFTER he met with the Father!  And yet he finished each task completely. That message of truth  needs to be understood  by everyone,  especially  busy women.

If you are feeling overwhelmed in your life and you are stressed by all that has to be done each day, it may be that you are trying to carry your own burdens.  That was never God’s way.  His purpose in coming to this earth was to leave you his peace as he works his perfect plan out in your life despite what comes against you.  He has promised to be with you to the end.  Instead of trying to fit Christ into your life,  ask him to help you put your life into his!

Dear Lord Jesus,  I pray that any woman who is struggling with demands on her time, or who is just overwhelmed with life itself, will feel your presence as you draw her into a deeper fellowship with you.  May your peace and rest fill her and may she know that nothing can stop the purpose and plan that you died to give her.  Amen