I read this powerful message on A Call To The Remnant and it encouraged and lifted me up during my times of struggles. I pray that it will do the same for you.

Drawing from the wells of Salvation       by appolus

Isa 12:3 Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

oasisHave you ever noticed that the yielded saints who have been through the most trials and troubles in their lives are the deepest of saints? They have been tried in the deserts of afflictions and yet they not only survive but they thrive. In the hottest desert and the most arid places nothing should live. Yet here are these saints, not armed with clichés or words that are not backed by reality, but armed with a power that has no limit. What makes the world weaker makes them stronger. In their own weakness they have found a great strength. The have discovered that if it were just them, they would have dried up and blown away, but in Christ and because of Christ they draw water from the very depths of the Father’s heart.

A life, fully committed to Christ has access to the deepest wells. Therefore since Christ suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same mind(1 Pet 4:1) With this power principalities and powers are rendered impotent. The harder they try, the more they come against you, the deeper they drive you into the Father’s heart. To yield is to draw from the well. To surrender and embrace your circumstances in Christ is to drink your fill from the everlasting wells of salvation. For in this yielding and surrendering we are acknowledging that God Himself has ordered your steps. And as you are refreshed by the living waters that flow into your circumstances, great joy comes with the knowledge that He is faithful to you and that He is with you. This joy stands as a witness and a testimony to the one who saved you. Your joy is a reflection of your faith. Now it is a learning process to the flesh. Some saints draw from the well sooner than others, but be assured saint, the well is there and you have been called to draw from it.

When you draw from these wells brothers and sisters, the waters not only refresh you but are poured forth through the brokenness of your circumstances to others that face similar circumstances. Paul encouraged the saints in his chains to be bold for Christ. We who face dire circumstances are called by faith to joy and this faith and joy God will use to refresh the souls of the weary. With the comfort that we have been comforted with we have been called to comfort others. It can become a perpetual cycle of beauty and holiness. To draw waters from the wells of salvation by faith is to have the eyes of your spirit opened to the glory and the majesty of God. God is glorified in our sufferings because the joy that comes is so out-of-place. A flower in the desert? Color in an otherwise colorless landscape? Yes indeed. He brings life out of death. He brings joy from sadness, He creates rivers in the desert, He brings peace from chaos.

So if you are facing difficult circumstances I want you to know that God is right there. A well, an oasis deep in the desert. You will find victory in the yielding. Surrender to God that circumstance that has hounded you. That sickness that has threatened to overwhelm your body. That anxiety that has robbed you of your sleep and denied you of your heritage, a peace that surpasses all understanding. Surrender to God in all of it and lower down your vessel into the deep depths of the everlasting well that sustains you. Dear Lord, bless all saints today who have a spirit of heaviness. Give them eyes to see what the Spirit sees in their lives. Let them put on a garment of praise and be filled with joy and may you be glorified in all of it.


    I know that there are a lot of ladies out there who are hurting from an abortion, so I just wanted to put this blog up for those who are hurting.   

     I wanted to share an email that a good friend in Christ shared with another friend of mine who was praying for someone she knew who was seriously considering abortion.  He emailed this out to her very early in the AM and I thought that it might help someone out there.  Feel free to comment and I will be sure to forward your comments to Marc.  He may even comment back to you on the blog page.  May the Lord do an amazing work in the lives of people thinking about or have had and abortion. 

      “Hello, Well as time ticks by I’ve been prompted a number of times tonight to email my experience to you. So as always I’m slow to listen it 1:45 am. I hope this doesn’t come to late and sound to corny. Use if you think it will help and if not I understand. I’ve never wrote it out before, well here we go. I came to Christ at 37 years old “8 years ago” and before that lead a some what wild life. At one point I gave someone money for a abortion “not my baby” but gave the money and means to go forward with it. And one was mine and the mother decided she did not want a child, I figured it was her body and her choice, although we did talk about the options. We opted for the abortion.

After coming to faith I never really repented or took responsibility for my part in this whole thing. I’m sure God was trying to get me to take responsibility but remember I’m a little slow to listen. The night God decided to nudge me, I want to make clear I had NOT watched a movie or read anything or had any thing that would of triggered my experience. As Paul said “whether in the body or out of the body I do not know” I call it a dream but a dream of like I have never experienced, so vivid so real. First I’m in heaven and I hear God’s voice tell me I must take responsibility for my actions, he never said what, but some how I knew. I start crying and said I’m was so sorry and that I didn’t understand. And asked him to please forgive me. Then he told me I need to tell them and I raised my head and saw two little kids running toward me. I fell to my knee’s and wrapped my arms around them sobbing. I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry I kept saying and that I didn’t understand. Please forgive me. This went on for a minute or two. Then I woke up sobbing so uncontrollably that I was gasping for breath. It took me 15 to 20 minutes just to settle down and stop crying and catch my breath. I was gasping so hard that I was somewhat hyperventilating. I know it sound a little strange but it was the most humbling experience of my life.

As a guy we don’t like to talk about crying but it was crying on a whole new level for me, I had never cried like that. But that’s what happens when God brings us to accountability and you face your sin and your pride is stripped away. I don’t know where this young lady is with her walk with Christ but I do know this that one day she to will stand before Christ and have to answer for her choice one way or another. I’m not trying to scare her but trying to inform her that her baby is alive in God’s eyes and it wants to live. And know this if you make the right choice it may not be easy but God will honor it. God loves you and wants you to live with out regrets. Regrets that can haunt you and “us” for a life time. I do know that the one woman has had a hard time getting over her abortion and feels great guilt. When you look back some day, if you choose to give your baby life, I know one thing you won’t have guilt hanging over you. Most likely it will be the best decision you ever make or at least one of them.

 I will continue to Pray and if you guys need to talk or would like to talk, please call.

God Bless, Marc”

Check out this site about abortion and get the facts. This ministry in based in Rockford, IL.  Amazing site!



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Hello Ladies, I just wanted to pass this link on for you to read.  I warn you, some of the pictures are hard core, but none the less very much a reality.  God bless and may this spur you to action in regards to your faith.  Bromalachi