How to trust Christ through your pain

Almost everyone wants the reward of heaven when we die. But there is a cost involved in living the crucified of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said that we will have to endure many trials in our lives. In Acts 15:22 the disciples said: “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God”.

This one verse contains a truth that most of us don’t really want to ponder.  No one wants to think about having to endure hardship and pain of any kind.   But the fact is that if we have put our trust in the finished work of the Christ and have made him our Lord and Savior, we will go through trials and testing as our faith is proved genuine.   Paul tells us in Romans 8:17 that we are co-heirs with Christ  “if indeed we share in his sufferings that we may also share in his glory”.

Our momentary struggles are working in us a reward that will be with us throughout eternity.  We are in a very real battle on this earth as the enemy of our soul seeks to rob us of our joy and darken the hope that we have in Christ.  He is unrelenting in his attack, but we also must be unrelenting  and unwavering in our faith as we stand on truth as conquerors in the army of the living God!  We cannot be defeated for our victory was paid by the royal blood of Christ on the cross. 

 The fragrance of a suffering believer who can praise God in the midst of a painful trial will fill all the rooms of heaven.  There is no greater way to honor  God than with the heartfelt words of trust, “Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him“.{Job 13:15}  The glory of God is manifested in a broken and surrendered servant who takes up her cross  and is willing to follow in the way of Christ despite the cost.

My dear friends in Christ, do not be afraid to suffer or to go through the battles of this world for you can’t  be destroyed.  God’s plan and purpose for you life will never fail despite the lies the enmy wants you to believe.  Most importantly,  God knows the way and he has the power to take you safely through every storm.  You can now be set free by the knowledge that God’s grace is all that you need.


May God fill you with his peace and the strength that you need to continue on despite your struggles and painful trials in this life.  Your problems will never be bigger than our God who spoke the world into existence.  Nothing is ever impossible for him.  Just believe!